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Our gallery highlights since establishing summer 2021.

The Mission of is to consider mental and physical wellbeing in all aspects of life, which includes offering visual arts, sound, performance, immersive experiencial and installation, for our community .  

For inquiries on any art works for sale please contact 

For more information on our residency program and project submission email with portfolio here.

Previous Resident Artists: Tim Leung/ XIX COLLECTIVE, Nature Dome, 2021

Scott Bluedorn

@COLLAGISM artist residency program 

Venus Anadyomene
Watercolor on Paper
Available for purchase

Current Resident Artist and participant of label series for's Body Butter.


Dynamic video artist and kundalini guide, Holly-Anne Buck (@collagism) presents with an ongoing residency though Her NFT's, collages, video pieces have the hypnotic color scheme and 5-D intentionality to shift perspective and alter reality.  Modern day wellness explores this terrain with studies into PTSD, Depression and Anxiety. 

To register for online private Kundalini Yoga classes email or register for our Monday zoom sessions here. 

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