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Meet Your Therapist

Molly Weiss LMT

Co-founder, LMT, BFA

Molly's work in NYC's art community as curator, talent recruiter / coordinator, and art educator play a relevant role in the conception of  Applying those skills as an artist is happily establishing itself as a collective directory of healers, therapists, shamans, practitioners, teachers and artists, ready to connect with her NYC community she loves and cares so much about.  

Medically certified with a keen interest in women's reproductive health, her creative intuition combined with trained muscle specific techniques  sets her apart.  CBD oils are one of the specialties as well as cupping, hot stone therapy, prenatal massage, treating thoracic outlet / upper cross syndrome / TMJ  and a range joint rehabilitation cases.

Hours & Locations:
Axon Health Professionals, Wall Street, NYC * accepts insurance - Thursday, Friday HQ in Moving Body Resource, Chelsea, NYC,  112 West 27th Street- Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday

accepting new patients

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"Molly is amazing! I was so tense and tight I had had a headache for 4 days. At the end of my massage, all pain was gone."

Our NYC:
Massage Therapist / Bodywork Network

Sorim Lee


Sorim is a New York State licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture and Herbs) and the certification of facial rejuvenation acupuncture from Pacific College.
Experienced in Korean four points acupuncture for internal disease; cardiology, neurology and gynecology including high blood pressure, seizures and infertility with exceptional acupuncture
needle manipulation techniques. Individualized attention to patient needs in a reassuring manner to provide patients total wellness.
Specializing in Women’s Health, Pain Management, Hypertension, Mental Disorder, Digestive issues and Facial Rejuvenation.
Modalities include Korean 4 needle technique, Auricular acupuncture, Master Tung’s technique and Fire cupping

Languages : English and Korean

Available : Thursday & Saturday

20161115-Florence-Montmare-Portrait-Kaitlin Kaufman-46-lowres_edited.jpg

Kaitlin Kaufman


Kaitlin Kaufman is a massage therapist with a background in physical theater and therapeutic healthcare clowning. As a professional performer and theater maker, she has studied a variety of vocal, somatic and energetic release techniques that inform her approach to massage and bodywork.

She offers a judgement-free space for clients to unwind, slow down, tune out the world and tune into themselves. With kindness and understanding, she aims to meet her clients where they are. She loves graphic novels, naps and Fellini films. Specializing in Swedish massage, trigger point release, hot stone massage, chair massage.

She can be booked through Red Moon Spa, Brooklyn and private practice



Eric Joppy


A body therapist who is passionate about sharing his knowledge and natural gift of healing, Eric believes touch is one of the most magical and beneficial gifts a human can share with another. "Massage; where science, spirit and creativity meet". Using different massage techniques, he mixes light/med/deep pressure, stretching,  breath work, sound therapy and nourishing lubricants to destress, unblock energy, and assists the spirit-mind-body to reconnect and optimally repair itself. This will give you more room to Be within yourself, and will help your body heal more efficiently.

Training at The Swedish Institute, College of Health Sciences,(2016) 
Associates degree in Occupational Studies 
Licensed by the State of New York.
Member of AMTA
Offering SenseFuel, Personalized, Deep-Tissue, Sports, Therapeutic, Reflexology, +more.
More info

Location : Brooklyn, NYC and concierge services. 

Click to book Eric


Siwili headshow.jpg

Siewli Stark


Siewli Stark is a bodyworker and Qigong practitioner who specializes in Thai Yoga massage and a form of abdominal massage called Chi Nei Tsang. She is passionate about sharing embodied practices, especially with those who are healing from childhood trauma. Siewli believes that embodied practices like bodywork and breathwork set the foundation for healing the mind, body, spirit. She can be reached at .

Olga Headshot.jpg

Olga Nicolaysen


Olga originates from Russia, starting her practice in yoga and meditation. Later a massage career spawned from the Swedish Institute of Health and Science.

Her massage practice uses a variety of techniques such as Deep Tissue, classical Swedish massage, Sports, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Points Release, and Reflexology to suit the needs of clients. Through communication and intuitive deep listening aiming to achieve the goals that are set in one particular session as well as over time.

Passionate about Pre-Natal massage and helping women to alleviate the muscular discomfort that comes with pregnancy. She believes  massage plays an extensive role in wellness and inner peace and acts as a preventative health measure.

She can be booked through Natropathica and private practice. 


Cynthia Ruse


Cynthia is a lifelong artist, a LMT and craniosacral therapist, and a certified life coach. She is experienced in a wide range of bodywork, including relaxation and healing work, pre and post natal massage, deep tissue, and therapeutic treatment for injury.

She has worked in spas in NYC, that include Four Seasons,1Hotel and Soho Sanctuary.

In her practice, she is able to combine aspects of massage, coaching and craniosacral work to help people reduce stress, and move toward a life of balance. She enjoys working with clients in creating powerful and positive change in their lives.

She can be booked through private practice. 


NYC Acupuncture 

Ivana_bw copy.jpg

Qihui Jin


Qihui (Pronunciation: Chee-Hoy)   completed a Bachelor's degree in Social Work from Shanghai University of Political Science and Law and a second Bachelor of Science degree in medicine from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. During his training in Chinese medicine, he did his apprenticeship at LongHua Hospital and Shanghai Research Institute of Acupuncture and Meridian. He also studied with Dr. Lihong Liu at San He Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 2021, he earned his Master of Science in Acupuncture degree at Pacific College of Health and Science. He founded the Wu Ji Club at PCHS, served as the first president, and continued to serve the students and alumni in Wu Ji Chinese Culture Alumni Club after he graduated.  Along with being an acupuncturist, he is a dad, social worker, NYC Master Composter, Citizen Pruner, 2019 Soil Start Farm apprentice, and Chinese herb gardener.

He specializes in pain management, digestive problems, pediatricsweight loss, sleep issues, and psycho-emotional imbalance.

Available at WTHN and private practice

Ivana Morgan

Ivana completed her Eastern studies at Pacific College of Health and Science and is a happy mother  running her own small Acupuncture  business in the heart of Brooklyn.  She is passionate about wellness and has an immaculate touch for remedies, herbs, diet and painless needling. 

She can be booked through private request.



Robert Giordano


Robert Giordano M.S., L.Ac., is board certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) and the Council of Colleges of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (CCAOM) in clean needle technique. 

Robert’s background includes being the former head of Holistic Therapies at the Cabrini Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (CCNR) specializing in the treatment of post operative rehabilitation and pain management. Prior to his acupuncture studies in the hub of New York living, Union Square, Robert pursued a thriving private bodywork practice in Manhattan for 15 years.

In addition, Robert is a member of the Zen Studies Society (Dai Bosatsu Kongo-Ji) in the Rinzai Zen Buddhist tradition, as well as a musician and composer of modern abstract compositions.

Available by private request



Holly-Anne Buck

Kundalini Breathing Empowerment

Focusing on empowerment through breath  Holly-Anne Buck guides through the Kundalini practice of meditation alongside gentle yoga poses. 

London based artist and kundalini yoga instructor combines her practices into elaborate digital art works, video works breaking through the world of NFT's and bridging the gap between healing and art.



Shalyni Paiyappilly

Sound Healing

At a young age Shalyni felt called to share her presence and her voice to help those in distress. She is a NY State Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Yoga/Meditation Instructor and a Singer. She is trained in Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga, Accessible Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, and Pranayama.

She is deeply passionate about spirituality and believes it is her mission to inspire peace and joy in others. She believes that everyone has the capacity to cultivate their own inner calm. At Calm NYC, She offers short meditations that are easily accessible for people from all walks of life.



Joseph Harris

Guided Visualization Maestro

Joseph has been studying and practicing meditation for 8 years and recently completed a three year program in meditation and spiritual awareness earning him the title of Maestro from the School of the Audacious Spirit.


A dancer, actor and performer in New York for 15 years, Joseph's practice started as a way to visualize and manifest his career.  This was also the start of his journey into vulnerability, self awareness, and self love.  


Joseph's philosophy with meditation is this. Presence creates Awareness. Awareness creates Space. Space allows for Choice. 


Each class consists of awareness of body and environment. Connecting breath with body. Visualization and stillness. 

NYC Reiki


Erika Boudreau-Barbee

Reiki Master

Erika started practicing Reiki in 2013, completing her Reiki Master certification from The International Center for Reiki Training in 2015. Reiki has influenced her visual art and performance practice by creating The Pain Project, a series dedicated to honoring physical pain by expressing pain as impression paintings and dance.


By giving pain an identity, we can begin healing. A session may include byosen scanning, aura clearing, and/or traditional Usui/Tibetan hand positioning. Reiki is used to promote relaxation and healing of the physical body and the spiritual, and is a wonderful accompaniment to other Eastern and Western medicines. 

NYC Yoga

Michelle Lehrman Yoga (1)_edited.jpg

Michelle Lehrman 

Yoga Instructor 

In this vinyasa yoga class, we will connect movement with breath as we flow through a physical practice. Michelle encourages students to modify and expand as needed and desired - all levels are welcome.


Michelle Lehrman is a certified 200-hour yoga instructor who has been teaching in New York City since 2016. She teaches both yoga and spin at Crunch, and has also taught yoga at various other studios in Manhattan. Michelle's goal is for each student to feel supported and empowered in their own personal journey. Michelle resides on the UWS with her Yorkie, Apollo.

Email her directly for private classes and studio flows. 

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