top of page's signature multi-purpose body butter gives the best deep tissue massage in New York City.  This 2oz. size is a great affordable aproach to the daily home care for anti-inflammation and muscle soreness. 

2oz. Multi-Purpose Body Butter

  • Canna-Oil Body Butter 

    1. Keep cool and out of direct sunlight. DO NOT HEAT.  Doesn't need to be refridgerated but should be kept in cool dark areas no greater than 70 degrees.

    2.  Great for sublingual and topical uses. Bring to massage / bodywork sessions.  Studies show compounds improve conditions in arthritis, MS, epelepsy, cancer, pain mgmt. Cannaboid compound connects directly to the cannaboids in bodies nervous system located in the muscle spindles creating an instant ease, relaxation and relief.  

    3. Sublingual effect take approximately 2 hours.  Topical effect immidiate (not pyscho-somatic).

    4. Serving size "pea size" amount to start.  Spoon included.  If body is adjusted to cannabis add or subtract as needed. 


    Thank you! 

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