is an integrative immersive experience with massage, acupuncture, and meditation. It is a refuge to heal, providing treatments for; PTSD, COVID-19 trauma, stress relief, rehabilitation and so much more. Creative art converges with holistic therapy in this initiative for wellness re-imagined

Installed in the heart of NYC,  ChaShaMa Union Square. Sublime transcending imagery within a meditation installation alongside holistic treatments for massage and acupuncture for our community.

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Furthermore, CalmNYC is thrilled to roll out our treatment chair lounge and a range of approachable choices. Ear seeds, distal points, TCM, auricular needling, to a variety of modalities in massage and bodywork, full treatment sessions shall be offered.  CalmNYC reveals a quiet zone where our focus is to create a space for mental and physical reboots.

Our interest in understanding over stimulation, trauma and wellness amongst dense urban environments inspired CalmNYC, especially with the pandemic affecting and losing around 200,000 business and rattling the lives of so many more. Health practitioners, artists, and designers opened and started teaming up at the start of 2021. 

Music by Chris Boutin @wavestransmute and Kristen Volpone @yin.sound